Rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐



Mizkitchen is a western fusion/Italian restaurant in the Yugang area of Pohang.

They mostly serve pizzas, pilafs and pasta dishes most of these are around 20000W. They also do various kinds of steaks which are a bit more expensive.

We went on a Wednesday evening, and it wasn’t too busy (it was also a national holiday). We ordered a pizza and creamy steak pasta to share. The quality was pretty good, we could see into the kitchen from where we were sitting and we could see the dough being rolled out to make the pizza.

My only criticism was that the pizza was difficult to eat like a pizza, the based was too thin and there was too much topping. This a general problem with pizzas in Korea, though. The pasta was quite tasty and had a decent amount of meat in it.

Although we didn’t try it, there seems to be a nice dessert cafe underneath that might be worth trying.