Younghwa Shikdang (we think means “movie restaurant”) is located on the road between I-dong and Jigok-dong.

Rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


When went for lunch one Saturday, it wasn’t very busy. The inside of the restaurant is a bit of a maze, but we were guided to a table. The dividers around the table meant we had some privacy.

It is a quite fancy Korean restaurant that mostly serves a variety of Korean beef (Hanu) dishes. We got Yukhwae (raw beef) bibimpab and hanu jigae. Yukhwae was very tender, finely shredded and well seasoned. The stew was tasty with plenty of beef, it was quite spicy, though. They also serve a variety of meats for barbecuing. The side dishes were all really good too. We will probably go back one evening for the barbecue meats.

The menu was only in Korean but there are only a few items on it so it wasn’t overwhelming. On the way out there was complimentary ice cream as well as the standard coffee. Highly recommended if you like Korean food, we will go back.