Rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐


Pohang Hougwanseoung is a Korean-Chinese fusion food restaurant in I-dong. It mainly serves lamb on skewers (yangggochi). They also serve lamb rib and quail. Other than the meat, they have various tofu and fried rice dishes. We got two servings on lamb skewers with a mapa tofu to share. It was very good food, we got a decent amount of lamb and you can choose what seasoning you want (salt, chili powder or rosemary). The lamb is brought to your table uncooked and barbecue it yourself on the grill at your table. The mapa tofu was great, the sauce was thick and creamy but not too spicy.

The menu is only in Korean however it did have pictures for everything so it wasn’t really an issue.It’s a nice alternative to a bbq restaurant if you want to drink with friends while you eat.We will most likely visit again.

Update: July 2nd,

We returned here for another visit and this time we got lamb ribs. They were as good as they look.