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We paid 43 bucks for 1.2 kg of assorted cuts of meat. We also ordered yukhoe bibimbap because she is obsessed with eating yukhoe. We definitely could have used a few extra mouths to help us eat this gigantic gluttonous amount of food. But it was his birthday dinner, so we went for it!

One reason the meat is so reasonably priced is that the banchan setup is an extra 3000 per head extra. This is not optional, they will bring you side dishes. They are delicious and worth it, but factor the cost in when you order so you won’t be surprised by the bill.

The meat is fantastic!!!

The yukhoe bibimbap was quite good, but a little heavy on gochujang. We will order the gochujang on the side next time. (I like to taste the sesame and garlic seasoning clearly when eating yukhoe, so a light hand is needed.)

It’s definitely worth mentioning that this restaurant has one of the coolest and most unique features we have encountered: bottomless dweanjang jigae. They bring soup around to your table and refill the pot in the middle of your grill, then toss in a sizeable stash of tofu and veggies to cook down several times during your meal. Delicious!