Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐



I went here with one of my coworkers who recommended it. I was looking forward to it because it is quite popular on naver blogs, and jjimdalk is one of my favorite foods. I believe this is a franchise, but it was really good.

The menu is extremely simple. You have a few options to choose from with your jjim dalk, but otherwise that is the only9 food they serve. First, choose the style: red sauce or brown sauce (Brown is my favorite: sweet soy sauce style!). Next, decide 1 chicken or 1/2 chicken and bone-in (벼있는) or boneless (벼없는). Then choose how spicy you want it. Lastly, you can choose add ins like mandu and cheese. They also serve rice and drinks. Simple and efficient!

We ordered a half order of boneless soy sauce jjimdalk with medium spiciness and cheese on top! The cheesiness and spiciness match really well. There were a lot of noodles – we needed to cut them up with the scissors provided.

Protip: After you eat, ask for dessert. (디저트 in Korean – same sound!) This restaurant offers free icecream whe  you finish your meal. It was the perfect amount, not too much but satisfying. I left here full for sure.

두남자 찜닭 is located in the SK area across the street from the river, next to Indra.
Will visit again!