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Chuncheon Dakgalbi is named after the city, Chuncheon, where Dakgalbi originated. It is chicken rib meat in a spicy sauce with various vegetables, and rice cakes depending on the restaurant.

Chuncheon dakgalbi is located in I-dong, it’s quite a small restaurant and its a sit on the floor restaurant. Since a staff member cooks the meal at your table I think a smaller restaurant is probably beneficial. The menu is very simple: they only serve dakgalbi you just choose what extras you want in it. For example, cheese-filled rice cakes, or fried rice to finish off the meal.

We ordered ours with a portion of cheese-filled rice cakes. I’ve never had dakgalbi I didn’t like, but this is one of the better dakgalbi places in Pohang, at least in my opinion. There’s plenty of meat, the sauce was hot but not too spicy, and the side dishes balance the heat of the meal really well. It seemed like it had a lot more vegtables too compared to some of the other dakgalbi places around.

We finished off with fried rice. They fry the rice in the leftover sauce. There’s just about enough food without fried rice at the end, but adding that makes it a really filling meal and all for around 20,000 won, for 2 people.

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