Handmade cakes and coffee in Idong.

Coffeeshops are a dime a dozen anywhere in Korea. You can’t go anywhere in this country without encountering coffee being peddled on every corner. So initially we weren’t going to review any coffee shops, but this one was worth mentioning. 

Pohang Board Gamers meet here weekly for a reason. The spacious yet cozy interior is complimented by chill instrumental covers of pop songs and classical music. There is plenty of outdoor seating for when the weather is nice, and plenty of parking located under the cafe. 

The coffee is good, and they offer (one per order) free refills of Americano. But the star here is the pastries. The cakes are almost as delicious as they look, and the scones and muffins are very nice. No strange ingredient surprises here! Everything is exactly as it should be. 

The service is fantastic, and in English. If you’re in Idong and looking for a cuppa, you can’t go wrong with Coffee Therapy