Budaejigae (Army Stew) in Hyoja.


Budae jigae is not the most gourmet of foods at its best, but you could tell the sausage is handmade in this one. It was a slight notch above other army stews I have had at other restaurants. It’s still hot dogs and ramen though. I think it would be better with (or after) drinking lots of beer.

The service was quick and friendly enough. They refilled our banchan without us asking. Banchan were pretty typical.



The menu had other interesting looking choices we might come back and try when we are looking for a drink, like hambak steak. However, several groups came in and everyone in the restaurant ordered budaejigae so I think that’s definitely the top seller here.

We didn’t try it, but it’s worth mentioning that their draft beer is not the typical Cass or Hite, but a European beer.