Tex Mex in downtown.


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This is one of our favorite restaurants in Pohang. I was so excited to eat Mexican food again, and so close to our home. Most cities in Korea don’t have anything remotely resembling Mexican food, and if they do it’s sad taco shells with olives and kimchi sitting on top. So, Pohang, you’ve got a real gem here!

We ordered tacos, fajitas, a margarita, and chips and salsa to share. We’ve never tried the margaritas before, because they were a little pricey (and I usually drive), but we decided to get one so we could comment on the quality. And low and behold, the price had dropped. No regrets. This is the best margarita I’ve had in Korea, hands down. If you drink, try one.

We ordered tacos because they photograph well. Look at those beauties. So gorgeous. However, the burrito and quesadilla are more delicious, and everyone knows tacos are hard to eat! So if you visit, I would recommend trying something else unless your heart is set on tacos.

We have eaten here before and the fajitas are a favorite, we usually get them every time. They’re super yummy. Eat fajitas! Any meat is great. We had chicken this time. Fajitas come with rice, beans, pico de gallo, sour cream, and flour tortillas. If you’ve never eaten fajitas before (He hadn’t the first time we came here!), you can use the tortillas to wrap up whatever you want and make a mini-burrito. (Pro tip: Fold the bottom up to prevent messy leaks!)



Menu and more available here at their website or Facebook page 


Update: We visited recently with some vegetarian friends and they got a veggie taco bowel and burritos, which looked great.