Yukhoe in I dong

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This was recommended to me by one of my students after I confessed that yukhoe is my favorite food, so of course we had to go and try it.

Don’t confuse this with the other Yeonghwa Restaurant we reviewed before. They both serve yukhoe and other hanwoo beef dishes. This one is located in Idong.

We both ordered the special yukhoe bibimbap (₩20,000 each), which is really just a large sized portion. Yukhoe is typically an expensive dish, and the amount of yukhoe we got made the reason for the price difference apparent. I think we each got a full portion of yukhoe in addition to the rice and vegetables. Look how much beef is on top of these greens!

The food was delicious, but yukhoe always is. This was a great meal, and we both left stuffed. Everything was fresh and brought to us quickly. This is a good restaurant, and the huge portion bibimbap was something we haven’t seen before. However, the restaurant didn’t really seem exceptional in any way, so we only rated it 4 stars. We might come here again if we’re in the mood to eat lots of yukhoe.


The prices are comparable to other restaurants serving similar food.

If you’re in this neighborhood and want to eat a fancy yukhoe meal, but don’t care about the portion size, check out the other Younghwa Restaurant that we already reviewed, because it knocked our socks off with ambience, food quality, and prompt service.

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