The exceedingly imaginative name of this restaurant advertises its offerings quite well. Pizza and Pasta is located in the Posplex building on Postech campus. We have eaten here many times. It’s a reliable favorite next door restaurant for us, so this review is overdue.

Nothing says  Italian food like sweet cucumber and radish pickles. This isn’t the most authentic Italian in town by a long shot, but the menu and service are available in English. (Postech has a lot of international students and visitors.) It’s worth mentioning that when you come at lunchtime, a free soft drink is included with your meal.

We ordered a bbq chicken pizza and manzo steak cream pasta to share. The pizza comes out fairly quickly and is a nice appetizer to share. It’s well balanced with enough toppings to make it delicious, but not too many to make it hard to eat with your hands. This is probably the best wood fired pizza we’ve had in town so far (not that we have tried many others).

The pasta is served beautifully, but someone was hungry and started mixing right away. Here’s an action shot.

You can order pasta in one portion or two, for sharing. The large portion is a better value at only a few thousand won extra, and that is what we ordered. The steak and cream sauce pasta is one of our favorites, and we’ve ordered it several times. The meat is always juicy and plentiful. I recommend trying this one! The same meat is also served on the steak salad, which is also good if you’re in the mood for fresh veggies (good salads are rare in Korea!).

The prices are pretty normal for Korean italian fusion places, which means it’s not the cheapest meal. But to us, it’s reasonable and reliably delicious. We’ve tried half the menu and will definitely be back.

It is a small place, and you might have to wait if they are busy. Business fluctuates with the school’s calendar, so it can be hard to predict when they will be empty and when they will be packed. You can park behind the Posplex building if the tiny front lot is full.

The bakery next door is a nice place to get coffee and cake afterward if you want to enjoy your company a little longer.