A new Vietnamese place opened in Idong

Rating ****

Map, Location, Information: https://store.naver.com/restaurants/detail?id=1445845468

I saw someone write about this new restaurant on a Pohang facebook group, so I was curious about it. A quick look on Naver told me that this is a chain restaurant with locations in the big cities of Korea, Seoul, Daegu, Busan, etc. This is the only one in Pohang, however. It looked pretty good, so I stopped by for lunch one day. It is in the Idong Plaza building, so there is plenty of parking.

The menu is rather condensed, but it offers a few things you might not see at the average Korean pho chain. I decided to try the pho because I was eating alone at lunch. If you’ve tried other items, leave a comment below!

My favorite part of this was that they asked if I wanted Gosu (Korean word for cilantro),  which I love, and then they gave me absolutely tons of it in my soup (See all that green?). This was the first time I have ever received enough cilantro in Korea. I was definitely pleased.  Everything was good quality, and I will go back.